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5 Must Do Things in Sembawang

5 Must Do Things in Sembawang

Situated in the North Region of Singapore, Sembawang is a planning area and residential town with many militaries, industrial and recreational facilities at its periphery. It is also an area that is filled with many exciting and fun things for one to explore. If you find yourself there, these are some things that you should do. 

Soak your feet at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park

The Sembawang Hot Spring Park was first discovered back in 1909 and has since been revamped and reopened on the 4th of January 2020. The newly opened park is now filled with beautiful plants and greenery as well as a man-made stream where warm spring water runs. Visitors can then get a pail and fill it up with the hot water from the spring and soak their feet in it. Not to mention that there is also a DIY egg station and glasshouse cafe that you can visit after soaking. 

Address: Along Gambas Ave
Business Hours: 7 am to 7 pm daily

Experience surreal combat shooting at DUX Laser Tag

DUX Laser Tag allows you to enjoy a painless yet thrilling combat shooting experience. The guns make use of infra-red technology which allows users to “shoot” opponents. This is a great and unique activity for you to try out especially if you are someone who has been playing first-person shooter games!

Address: 334 Sembawang Close Singapore, 750334
Business Hours: 24 Hours

Hold a picnic at Sembawang Park

Sembawang Park is well known for having one of the country’s last remaining natural beaches. With that said, the park’s beachside is an extremely popular spot for

people to have picnics as it is peaceful and chill. One can also hold a mini barbeque party with their loved one’s and enjoy watching the sunset together as time passes. This is definitely one of the must-do things in Sembawang!  

Address: Sembawang Rd
Business Hours: 24 hours

Dig in at White Restaurant  

When someone mentions the food in Singapore, apart from the Hainanese chicken rice and chilli crab, the Sembawang white bee hoon is also being mentioned. These foods are unique to us Singaporeans only and are pretty much a part of our national identity. White Restaurant also has many other delicious side dishes on their menu for you to order from as well.  

Address: 30 Sembawang Dr, #03 – 12, Singapore 757713
Business Hours: 11 am to 9:30 pm daily

Shop at Sembawang Shopping Centre 

Satisfy your shopping needs by visiting the Sembawang Shopping Centre which is home to more than 50 shops be it restaurants or fashion retails. Additionally, it also has a gym and spa that you can go to kill time and relax. 

Address: 604 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758459
Business Hours: 10 am-10 pm daily


Sembawang is definitely a great place filled with many interesting locations and activities for you to explore and spend your time at. If you need urgent cash flow, visit Bugis Credit – Licensed Money Lender near Sembawang to offer you a low-interest rate loan.

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