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When disaster strikes and you need a quick cash advance, Bugis Credit is here for you. Take the money, solve your issues. And when it's over, breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Get your money immediately.
  • Use the money as you see fit
  • Take out a loan even with bad credit

Get a Payday Loan for your financial goals

It isn't easy to live in one of the most expensive countries in Asia. Even those that have carefully planned their monthly budget can be caught unawares by an unforeseen expense or emergency. Nobody wants it to happen, of course, but the reality is, it does happen.

When time constraints that could mean the difference between financial ruin and safety if you don't have a large overdraft or the ability to wait for a lengthy bank loan application process, you need someone who can help you now.

Bugis Credit stands ready and willing.

Get Loan in 4 easy steps

#1. Call or Apply online

Call us at 6345-9123 or simply apply online here to set an appointment at your convenience.

#2. Visit Our office

Come in for an appointment to create a customized plan that fits your needs and repayment ability.​

#3. Finalize Loan plan

Agree on terms, including the payments and permitted fees.

#4. Receive cash Instantly

Once the contract is signed, you will receive your cash loan.

What customers are saying

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  • Fast and efficient trustworthy legal ,can look for consultant Jacob phang very friendly and helpful

    Lee Yunloong Eugene Avatar
    Lee Yunloong Eugene

    Their service is great. The loan officer explained every single detail to me until I understood all the personal loan terms and conditions. The admin fee and interest rate was reasonable as well. Good Licensed Moneylender!

    John Kevin Avatar
    John Kevin

    Jen is a friendly and helpful staff that served very well.
    Thanks for the good service. Highly recommend !

    bobo phang Avatar
    bobo phang

    A very pleasant experience in Bugis Credit with the company loan officer Jacob. The whole borrowing process is hassle free and professional. They do give a great customer service and reliable image. A big shout out to Jacob for his customer service provided. Obviously, they are the best, safe and reliable licensed money lender in Singapore from you to seek a loan!

    Wesley Chuah Avatar
    Wesley Chuah
  • Good and fast services. All the details explained clearly. Will recommend to those who need urgent money.

    Qiqi C Avatar
    Qiqi C


At Least 18+
Years OLD

Minimum Salary of
SGD1,500 for Local & PR

Minimum Salary of
SGD2,000 for Foreigner

Loan Eligibility & Requirements

Local and Permanent Residents

Minimum Salary SGD1,500

  • Identity card
  • Proof of residence (utility bill, a letter addressed to you, and or tenancy agreement) 
  • Proof of employment (certificate of employment or recent 3 months payslip)
  • SingPass (password to log into CPF, HDB, IRAS website)


Minimum Salary SGD2,000

  • Passport
  • Work Permit
  • Proof of residence (utility bill or tenancy agreement)
  • Proof of employment (certificate of employment
    or recent 3 months payslip
  • Proof of income (bank or account statement)
  • SingPass (password to log into IRAS website)

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Frequently Asked Questions

A payday loan is here to help ease your financial burdens considerably. They are a good option for dealing with unexpected emergencies like a medical bill, broken down vehicle or even as a financial when you need them.

Payday loans are a cash advance, a short term personal loan meant to cover an emergency that you have faced before your payday pays out your paycheck.

Of course, in an ideal situation, the payday loan should be repaid as quickly as possible, to ensure that you do not fall into deeper debt. A payday loan is not to be used for your day to day living expenses or to purchase non essential items to smooth out life’s bumps. Payday loans are there to serve as a financial safety net for your unexpected emergency.

Please note that payday loans are a short term financial solution for your financial issues. Over-reliance on a payday loan can cause you to go into deeper debt.

There is a difference between a payday loan and a personal loan in Singapore. The first is that a payday loan is effectively a short term loan that you repay back to the lender when you receive your next paycheck. A personal loan has a longer loan repayment term due to the larger amount that you have taken out.

It is not a good idea to use your payday loans as a debt consolidation loan. A payday loan is meant to be used in times of emergencies only. If you need to borrow a larger amount of money, it would be wiser to speak to us and come up with a better solution to your financial situation.

It is definitely not a good idea to do so. While there is no rule stating that you cannot do so, a licensed money lender would not loan you the money as it would only cause you to go into deeper debt. Our loans are made to help ease your financial worries, not cause it. As such, it would be better for you to speak to our loan officers and come up with a solution that better fits your needs.

  • You can get your money immediately. 
  • A payday loan allows you to use the money as you see fit
  • You can take out a loan even with bad credit 

Yes, it is possible for Bugis Credit to give you a payday loan as Bugis Credit does not look at your credit scores. While other lenders might ask for it, we do not look at it when making a decision to give you the loan. What we look for is your repayment capability, documents to prove your employment and if you are a Singaporean citizen or a foreigner working in Singapore.

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