Bugis Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylender (License No. 26/2021) listed in the Registry of Moneylenders, under the Ministry of Law in Singapore.

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Sengkang

Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Sengkang
Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Sengkang

From having a reliable LRT system, breath-taking riverside and a handful of delicious hawkers to visit when some crazy food cravings arise, Sengkang has its ways of attracting visitors and making them stay–for good. 

All these things and more make Sengkang an ideal place to settle down. Planning to buy a property around the place but worried about the capital? A bridging loan might help!

What is a bridging loan?

Like a bridge that connects two ends, bridging loans are created to link financial gaps. 

For instance, a person wants to purchase a new house. But in order to earn the money for the purchase, he/she has to sell an existing property. 

In this case, the bridging loan acts as a temporary patch. Borrowing the funds that would secure the new property, while waiting for the sale of the old property. 

Advantages of taking a Bridging Loan with a Licensed Moneylender

To further understand why it is highly important to transact with a licensed moneylender in Singapore, here are a few of the many advantages of borrowing from a registered money lender:

  • Loans are capped at 4%: Licensed moneylenders in Singapore are mandated by the Ministry of Law to limit their interest rate at a maximum of 4% per month. Anything beyond that is punishable by law. 
  • Easy to verify: Verifying if a money lender is licensed or not, is now at the tip of your fingertips. Visit the Ministry of Law’s website to access the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore.
  • Credit score isn’t a big deal: Unlike banks, your credit score standing will not affect your loan approval. You can get the loan as long as you are capable of repaying the amount within the agreed period. 
  • Fast approval: Compared to banks that require tons of paperwork, borrowing from licensed moneylenders is faster. Showing some proof that the borrower is trustworthy and capable of repaying the loan on time, can speed up the application process. 

How to apply?

To apply for a loan, here are the 4 easy steps:

  • Give us a call or apply online: You may opt to call us at 6345 9123 or simply apply online, and set an appointment with our agent.
  • Visit our office: If the lender has no physical office that is a red flag! Feel free to come to our office and let’s talk about the most suitable loan plan for your needs.
  • Finalize Loan Plan: All transactions should be done face-to-face. Our loan officers are obliged to disclose all information about the fees that may arise during the loan tenure.
  •  Get your cash: Once everything is settled, and agreed on by both parties, the borrower should receive the loan amount immediately. 

How can Bugis Credit help you?

Our mission is to lessen the financial burdens of our customers and make the borrowing experience hassle-free. If you decide to transact with us, you’ll get the fastest and most efficient service from our trustworthy and accommodating loan officers. 

Rest assured, all information about the loan will be explained clearly. 

You’re a step away from closing that property deal! For urgent cash loan Singapore, contact Bugis Credit today.

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