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HDB Renovation Cost In Singapore 2024

How much does it cost to a home renovation in Singapore

They say that home is where the heart is. That’s why it’s no surprise that many homeowners put much effort into improving or renovating their homes.

The average cost of an HDB renovation Singapore for a 4 room flat is around $53,000.  This cost may go higher depending on the type of your home, age and condition, type of materials, contractors, and how much you want to redesign your HDB space.

Before you knock down your walls, take time to read the government rules and other considerations to make your home renovation cost effective:

HDB Renovation Rules: What Can And Can’t Be Done?

Certainly, a lot of you have next-level plans for your flat renovation, including interior design– living room, master bedroom, etc. Space extension and creating false ceilings are some of the common add-ups that speak of the trends. Undeniably, interesting renovation ideas but you must make sure of the safety of your house.

Usually, you cannot avoid several risk factors that come along. Such extensions and installations often mess with the structural build-up of your house. Hence, the Government has set out HDB Singapore renovations rules to know more about the dos and don’ts of flat renovation. If you fail to abide by the rules, you subject yourself to penalties.

1. Dismantling The Wall Structure

Take note that you need special allowances from HDB officials for dismantling or reconstructing any of the walls of your HDB apartment. This is because the walls are structured in a way that supports the upper and lower floors. If you deconstruct one that, it means that you are messing with the integrity of the whole apartment. However, you can work on walls that hold no such load.

2. Refurnishing The Loo

In Singapore, there are rules for the dos and don’ts in the newly furnished loo. During the purchase, you get a 3 years contract paper that reads the restrictions on replacing or removing the toilet walls and floor tiles. The reason is that these walls and floor materials possess a water-blocking layer that prevents unwanted leakage. However, you can repair these parts after 3 years span. But, you need to get the permit from HDB renovation Singapore officials. Moreover, you can expand the room space in the loo within the range of 0.6 square meters.

3. Repairing The Windows

After certain years in your HDB flat, it’s inevitable to discover broken window panes. There are rules and restrictions on frame replacements. You cannot perform a full-length window frame replacement without HDB’s permission. In case if there is damage spotted, you must look out for getting the permits from HDB officials before getting into action. However, you must provide them the interior mapping and the calculative figures of your house design in order to get the permit.

4. False Ceiling Installations

A false ceiling makes your interior look posh and classy. But, you must seek the officials of HDB in order to get yours. The norm is to keep at least 2.5 meters vertical length from floor to ceiling. The material should preferably be gypsum concrete for better longevity. You must spare the kitchen ceilings if there are gas-pipe outlets. Moreover, there is no rule for false ceiling installations in the bathrooms.

5. Inserting Emergency Shelters

This is a mandatory part that you must include in your HDB home. There are laws and rules that take care of these emergency shelters. These shelters are well-covered and are here for natural or any other emergency situations. HDB states that you cannot replace or remove the walls, doors, and windows of these shelters. You cannot use removable stickers and extra add-ups. Rules strictly prohibit refurbishing and remodeling these doors.

construction materials

Renovation Budget Estimates For HDB Flat

However, financing renovations in 2022 can keep you on your toes and leave you with an empty wallet. It’s downright expensive and needs proper planning. According to our research, a 4 room HDB flat renovation can coast from $5,000 up to  $110,000. As mentioned earlier, it depends on the type of your home, age and condition, type of materials, contractors, and how much you want to redesign your space.

According to Qanvast, the average HDB flats renovation cost around $53,000.

Living And Dining Rooms

Living and dining rooms are the most crucial parts of your house. These are the predominant portions of your interior. Hence, you must make sure that you put your best effort into these rooms. However, designing the living and dining spaces in a 4-room HDB flat can cost up to $15000 approximately in 2020. The renovation includes wall designing, painting, carpentry, and flooring.


Themed and the modular kitchen is the trend of the age. Renovating the kitchen needs an extra bit of work because mostly the walls get damaged by heat. Hence, dismantling and peeling off the wall is mandatory. Apart from that, there are carpentry plans, retouching the kitchen cabinets, flooring, and coloring the walls. All these along with plumbing works may cost you a little higher. It can almost reach up to $10000 for a 4-room HDB living space.


Certainly, bedrooms need the most of your attention when it comes to renovation. This is the place where you look for solace at the end of the day. Hence, a little extra effort goes into this calm corner of your house. Soft thematic walls, false ceilings with beautiful decor are what you crave for your bedroom. This part of a 4-room HDB flat needs more than $12000 as the overall expense. This includes wiring and labor charges too.


If you want to jazz up your house you must put your bathroom decor a notch higher. The works include peeling off the walls, and the floor bars, plumbing, and drainage repair. Wall decors and placement of bathtubs count as well. However, the costing revolves around $8000 for refurbishing your bathroom in a 4-room space. 

Renovation Contractor, ID Or Design And Build: Who Should You Hire?

Renovating your flat or apartment has more to do with its planning and execution. All your time and effort will turn futile if you don’t hire the right planner. The crucial part of it is, however, to decide whether you want assistance with your renovation work or not. You can choose between renovation contractors, interior designers, or design and build service companies. But, before making your choice you must have vivid knowledge about each of them and how they function.

Renovation Contractors

A renovation contractor is the one who performs the reconstruction task according to your plan. Here, you are the person in charge of the whats and whys of your HDB flat. These contractors can work independently or you can hire them from renowned HDB property renovation companies. They are often a cheap deal since you already have planned out your interior designs and extensions.

Interior Designers

However, a better deal for your flat renovation is hiring an interior designer. If you are a working professional and cannot invest enough time in planning and choosing the materials, this is your option. An interior designer will look after every detail of your HDB renovation program. Starting from calculating the area, choosing the color schemes to pick up products, and installing them, an ID will cover everything. However, financing an ID may seem to blow your wallet.

Design And Build Services

Certainly, there is a third category in the list. Design and build service companies provide you with a team for your flat renovation. Needless to say, they will take care of the designing and construction parts of your home at the same time. However, the focus is on construction more than designing. They provide you some basic and mainstream interior templates and themes. You cannot expect next-level design ideas from them. You have to choose your preference on the basis of your needs and budget.

contractor laying laminate flooring home

How To Find A Legit Renovation Contractor In Singapore

Keeping in mind your financial factor, we suggest that you pick a legitimate renovation contractor. Renovation contractors are comparatively cheaper and efficient workers. However, finding the right one that is worth your investment ain’t an easy job. You must find someone who is flexible with your ideas and can execute them without too much sweating. Also, you have to keep on negotiating until you find the right deal. Hence, here is a guide to follow when you happen to choose yours. 

There are several platforms available in HDB Singapore renovation work where you can look for contractors. To begin with, the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) provides you a list of renovation contractors for your HDB renovation. You can choose from them. However, the contracts and terms are exclusive between the owner and the contractor. HDB doesn’t own any of it and isn’t answerable for mishaps. In case if you, as a client face issues with the contractor that turns into a disagreement, you look for solutions via CASE, Singapore Mediation Centre.

Financing Your Renovation: What Are Your Renovation Loan Options?

Here comes the most important aspect of your HDB flat renovation. Financing your renovation is going to burn your wallet if you don’t consider HDB renovation loans. In Singapore, there is a list of licensed moneylenders that will help you with lower interest rates. 

You must look out for comparing the fees and charges that the banks put forward. These include disbursement charges, processing charges, and penalties. We recommend that you have thorough research on the available deals before applying for an HDB renovation loan. Moreover, you must fulfill the required eligibility criteria that include your citizenship proof, age proof, employment status, and guarantor.

Other Tips For HDB Renovation In Singapore

Besides everything that we’ve already mentioned, there are several other factors to keep in mind when it comes to HDB renovation in Singapore. These tips will help you find better financial deals and more discreet execution.

  • Don’t depend completely on the contractor or designer. Do arrange your materials by yourself.
  • Keep in mind the sustainability factor when it comes to HDB home renovation.
  • Don’t invest in unnecessary extensions that can disturb the overall structure of your apartment.
  • While getting an HDB renovation loan, don’t forget to show your annual income papers.
  • You may opt for a personal loan for your HDB renovation if you need money immediately for a retainer. A retainer is an advance payment for your contractors and can fund the initial expenses of the working relationship. You may also use the money as you see fit–could be for new furniture, comfortable working station, among others.
  • Hire an authentic contractor from the official HDB site.


In conclusion, we would suggest you carry out your HDB flat renovation with proper market research. Take some time to plan out the budget and seek help from the professionals if you think you know less about this field. It’s indeed a big decision that you must not regret afterward.

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