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Best Travel Insurance in Singapore with Covid-19 Coverage (2024)

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Planning your next trip? Before you board the plane, invest in travel insurance, so you’re covered against travel risks, such as lost or stolen luggage, trip cancellation, or unexpected medical costs abroad. 

To get the best deal from your travel insurance, ensure that it has all the desired features you need, with added Covid-19 coverage, at a reasonable price tag. It’s time to skip going to usual travel insurers or grab the cheapest one. 

Searching for the best travel insurance shouldn’t be done overnight. Yet, this article makes that possible as it lists the best travel insurance in Singapore. You’ll also learn what features to look for in a plan. Read on!

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance

Travel insurance plans have varying policies, typically sold as a package unless you chance upon a travel insurance company that offers a tailored one. 

Regardless, great travel insurance policies should have the following features, especially if you’re back on traveling during post-Covid-19:

Medical Expenses Coverage

It makes sense if your travel insurance provider in Singapore covers medical expenses abroad. 

Suppose you are traveling and have an unexpected illness, injury, or a pre-existing medical condition covered by your travel insurance plan. In that case, you’ll be reimbursed by the plan.

Usually, most insurance providers offer a medical financial safety net on “reasonable and customary” charges for medical bills, such as the ones listed below:

  • Medicines 
  • Doctor bills
  • Dental care
  • Ambulance service
  • Lab tests and exams
  • Hospital and room charges

Further, there are two types of medical travel insurance plans you can choose from:

  • Stand-alone medical insurance plan. This policy only covers medical and dental expenses during your travel on an emergency basis. It will not include any other travel insurance coverage, such as lost or stolen baggage or burglary insurance. 
  • Comprehensive travel insurance plan. A comprehensive travel insurance plan covers your emergency medical costs abroad and trip cancellation, flight delays, lost baggage or airport, and more. 

Overseas Hospital Cash

The hospital cash benefit covers the insured for any out-of-pocket non-medical expenses incurred in a hospital overseas. This may include taxi fares or phone calls made while getting inpatient medical treatment.

It aims to give you cash compensation to protect you against loss of income. The amount may vary depending on the daily sum insured stated on your medical travel insurance. 

Although this sounds close to what medical insurance is, it’s a good idea if both are paired together. 

After all, overseas hospital cash is an allowance for your daily expenses during hospitalization treatment and doesn’t cover hospital rooms, surgeries, and more.

Overseas Quarantine Allowance

Suppose you contracted Covid-19 abroad and were placed under mandatory quarantine. In that case, the overseas quarantine allowance will cover all the costs incurred during this period. 

Some travel insurance plans, including this feature, would consider you eligible for Covid-19 coverage. 

That is if you have fulfilled all vaccination, pre-departure, and post-arrival test requirements and passed other supporting documents imposed by the country of your destination.

Trip Cancellation

The trip cancellation coverage insurance applies if you have an unforeseen illness, injury, or death of a traveler or family member. 

This pre-departure benefit allows the traveler to get 100% of their trip’s costs reimbursed should the trip be canceled for reasons listed on the policy. 

If a traveler wishes for a trip cancellation for a reason not included in the policy, they will need an insurance plan that includes a “Cancel For Any Reason” policy. This can reimburse up to 75% of all non-refundable and/or prepaid payments.

Take note, however, “Cancel For Any Reason” can increase the insurance’s cost by up to 50%.

Nonetheless, trip cancellation is ideal for travelers, especially considering how costly a trip can be. With this included in your travel insurance policy, you’re provided protection on your financial investments in your trip. 

This includes travel-related expenses, such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, tours, cruises, excursions, and more. 

5 Best Travel Insurance With COVID-19 Coverage in Singapore

Travel Insurance Plan Best Suited For  Benefits Included
Tiq Travel Insurance High Medical Coverage S$200,000 – S$1,000,000 overseas medical coverage
Allianz Travel Insurance Pre-existing Conditions Up to S$15,000 Covid-19 coverage for you, your family members, or your companion
NTUC Travel Insurance Pre-existing Conditions & Covid-19 Up to $150,000 overseas medical expenses coverage 
FWD Travel Insurance Single Trip Plans Up to S$1,000,000 overseas medical coverage per adult below 70 years old
MSIG Travel Insurance Single Trip Plans & Pre-existing Conditions Up to S$250,000 overseas medical expense coverage
Tiq travel insurance logo

1. Tiq Travel Insurance – High Medical Coverage

Tiq insurance has updated its plans and included Covid-19 coverage as an add-on. With its three travel insurance plans ranging from basic to premium, you can choose from entry, savvy, and luxury, depending on what coverages you need for your trip. 

Its Covid-19 insurance perks offer up to S$300,000 in medical coverage if you get Covid-19 overseas. Tiq travel insurance also enables the insured for at least S$3,000 for trip cancellation and a minimum of S$500 for a trip postponement.

Aside from these features, the insurance plans are also set to provide you a quarantine allowance ranging from S$500 to S$1,500. For costs of emergency medical evacuation and repatriation to Singapore, the insured can avail of up to S$500,000. 

Considering that the travel insurance with Covid-19 benefit is an extra, expect to pay a few more bucks to experience the convenience and security that comes with it. 


  • Entry: S$20.40
  • Savvy: S$30.60
  • Luxury: S$33.60

Coverage: Medical expenses, trip cancellation, travel postponements, and more with the Covid-19 add-on coverage.

Promo: Tiq Travel Insurance comes with a promo offering of 60% off plus $20 cash and an additional angpao of up to $18 for purchases made via Tiq app. Valid until February 28, 2023. 

You can also refer and earn! Earn up to S$50 with every friend you refer. 

Allianz Travel Insurance logo

2. Allianz Travel Insurance – Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Allianz travel insurance plans get you well-covered medically as you go for a trip overseas. Its emergency medical coverage is S$200,000 to S$1,000,000 for individuals aged 69 and below. 

The Allianz travel insurance has bronze, silver, and platinum plans that all come with various perks and add-ons where the insured can experience benefits in budgets they can afford. 

It’s even worth noting that their emergency transportation coverage offers unlimited funds for all tiered plans. 

The travel accident insurance also guarantees up to S$200,000 in financial assistance. Reasonably, the more premium the travel insurance plan is, the higher the monetary aid you’ll receive in cases and conditions stated on the insurance policy. 


  • Bronze: S$21.60
  • Silver: S$29.26
  • Platinum: S$ 43.11

Coverage: Sports coverage, personal money, rental vehicle excess, Covid-19 coverage, and more. 

Promo: Get 23% off using promo code TRAVEL23 to enjoy a 23% discount. Valid till February 28,2023.

NTUC Income Logo

3. NTUC Travel Insurance – Pre-existing Medical Conditions & Covid-19

NTUC is the travel insurance to go for if you’re looking for a plan that covers pre-existing conditions, more so when you’re at risk of getting Covid-19. 

On top of these features, you’re also getting coverage on overseas medical expenses, personal accident coverage, travel delay, general trip inconvenience coverage, trip cancellation, and more. 

Sports enthusiasts also have limited sports coverage, excluding extreme or outdoor activities, such as skydiving and paragliding. 

There are two types of plans you can invest in before your trip, and it’s important to know what those are. Your options are NTUC Travel Insurance Standard and NTUC Income Travel Insurance Enhanced PreX.

The standard insurance plan does not cover pre-existing medical conditions compared to the NTUC’s enhanced insurance policy. 


  • Classic: S$61 to S$137
  • Deluxe: S$75 to S$156
  • Preferred: S$98 to S$195
  • PreX Basic Plan: S$102 to S$194
  • PreX Superior: S$128 to S$240
  • PreX Prestige: S$149 to S$277

Coverage: Travel delay coverage, baggage loss, overseas medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, Covid-19 benefits, and more. 

Promo: Get 40% off on the Single Trip Travel Insurance. No code is needed. Valid till February 2023.

FWD logo

4. FWD Travel Insurance – Single Trip Plans

Get more value from the price you pay for any of the FWD travel insurances. Purchasing has always been easier with FWD. It only takes a few taps on your smartphone to secure various coverages and perks before you set on your trip. 

The insured that’s below 70 years old is entitled to at least S$200,000 for overseas medical expenses, including S$500,000 for harm or damages you may cause. 

You can also opt for the Covid-19 add-on on your travel insurance package. This includes trip cancellation and a pre-trip loss of deposit, covering you up to S$5,000. 

This insurance provider is ideal for first-time or frequent travelers who have far-away destinations or are simply up for a quick weekend or holiday getaway. Its plans are basically offering more than what you pay for. 


  • Premium: S$38.40
  • Business: S$55.20
  • First: S$69.60

Coverage: Overseas medical expenses plus Covid-19 coverage, baggage delay, travel delay, theft or damage to your personal belongings, liability for damage or harm you accidentally cause, and more. 

Promo: Get a 25% discount on your FWD travel insurance plan when you use the promo code TRAVEL25. Valid till February 10, 2023.

MSIG logo

5. MSIG Travel Insurance – Single Trip Plans & Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

For travelers with pre-existing medical conditions, getting yourself covered with a travel insurance plan is recommended. This allows you to claim benefits should you experience an asthma attack or other health problems. 

That’s where the MSIG travel insurance plan comes in. It comprehensively includes over 50 benefits in its packages. Their TravelEasy protects your losses from stolen travel documents, overseas medical expenses, trip delays, or even the onset of sickness.

Follow-up treatments after your trip are also covered by the MSIG travel insurance plan. Moreover, whether you go for Single Trips or Annual Plans, Covid-19 travel insurance cover is already added. 

Overall, it’s easy to buy, plus the travel insurance claim is made easy. 

Further, FWD travel insurance does not have a co-payment if you postpone, cancel, shorten, or disrupt your trip due to a sudden appearance or worsening of a condition or disease.

Remember that MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex will include all the benefits in their basic plan. It makes it a better deal due to its better coverage.


  • Standard: S$36.60
  • Elite: S$48.60
  • Premier: S$68.40

Coverage: Emergency medical evacuation, delayed departure, pre-existing condition, permanent total disability, accidental death, Covid-19 cover, and more.

Promo: Enjoy 40% off if you purchase Single Trip Plans and 20% off for Annual Trip Plans. You can also receive S$38 via PayNow when you apply before February 28, 2023.

What to Do if You Get Covid-19 During or After Your Trip?

If you get Covid-19 during your trip, your travel insurance plan should cover doctor and hospital bills so long as the policy includes Covid-19 benefits. The coverage usually includes lab work and medicine up to the plan’s medical limits.

Meanwhile, suppose you are forced to stay in your country of destination beyond your return date due to contracting Covid-19. In that case, travel delay insurance can cover extra costs of meals and accommodations, known as overseas quarantine allowance.

It may also reimburse you for all the expenses up to seven days past your return date. If the insured wants to utilize these benefits, ensure you have the daily benefit limit for lodging expenses and more. 


Travel insurance acts as your safety net for uncertainties abroad. That said, traveling should be matched with an excellent travel insurance plan. Not only is your enjoyment during your holidays ensured, but you’re also insured on your medical safety and other concerns. 

Key takeaways:

  • A Covid-19 coverage on your travel insurance plan extends the list of benefits you can claim pre, during, or post-trip.
  • The more expensive the plan is, the more perks and features you can enjoy. This includes higher maximum limits on your financial assistance. 
  • The price of the plan from travel insurance providers depends on the country of your destination, the kind of plan you get, and the trip duration. 
  • Seek advice from a qualified adviser before purchasing a travel plan. This helps ensure you’re getting what you actually need.

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