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Things To Do In Eunos: Local Flavors & Cultural Immersion

things to do at eunos

The eastern region of the Red Dot is a hub of vibrant community living, sunny outdoors for family and leisure activities, and friendly neighborhoods with some unique attractions and sustainable amenities. Eunos is no exception.

Bordered by the lively Katong and Geylang, you’ll find Eunos to be a well-tempered neighborhood that will indulge your taste for some cultural enthrallment and uniquely local tastes. Here are five of our recommendations when you take a fun day out in the quaint Eunos. 

1. Discover the Treasures of the Peranakan Culture at The Intan

Housing one of Singapore’s most impressive collections of Peranakan treasures, this private home draws very intentional viewers who are inspired by the colorful Peranakan art of living. There are several guided tour packages, but the most popular ones are the 1-hour Intan Tea Experience and the Intan Private Peranakan Lunch/Dinner Experience. 

Address: 69 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427231

Hours: Book Your Appointment here

2. Visit The Engaging Attraction At The Eurasian Heritage Center

A few minutes from the Eunos MRT Station, trace one of the region’s earliest colonial settlements in the East Indies, the hybrid of Eastern and Western traditions and their Asian and European origins, and their historical role in Singapore’s nation-building at the Eurasian Heritage Centre. With three fully refurbished galleries, musical and dance workshops, and an in-house Eurasian cuisine restaurant, it’s a feast for the senses. Don’t forget the Sugee Cake at Quentin’s for a delectable dessert to cap the tour with something sweet. 

Address: 139 Ceylon Road, The Eurasian Association, Singapore 429744

Hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Tue-Sun)

3. Take Instagrammable Photos of the Peranakan Architecture

With Joo Chiat just down the road from Eunos MRT Station, it’s a shame to miss the gorgeous and colorful shophouses of distinctly Peranakan style. This is a great segue when you’re up for a leisurely walk to view the quaint finds and try out some traditional delicacies along this stretch. And if you still have some energy to spend and hunger to satisfy, head over to Katong Laksa for their famous hot bowl. 

Address: Peranakan Houses, 287 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427540

Hours: Best to take pictures during daytime

4. Savor the Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee

Also called simply Eunos Bak Chor Mee, this remarkable bak chor mee isn’t “famous” for no reason. This humble stall has a long history dating back to the 1920s and continues to delight locals and tourists with their homegrown flavors that are close to the heart. Made from the simplest ingredients and a complex 100-year-old masterful recipe, you’ll savor a slightly sweet and fragrant garlic-based broth, handmade dumplings, finely minced pork, and chewy noodles. This is probably the $5 food deal you’ll ever taste in Eunos. 

Address: Hong Lee Coffeeshop, 7 Eunos Crescent, Singapore 400007

Hours: 6:00 AM – 7:30 PM Daily

5. Have a Feast At Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre

The food gem of Eunos is a gleaming blue hawker centre with over 40 food stalls from the classic chicken rice to nasi biryani. Local favorites include the messy and beautiful Char Kway Teo ($4) from Fen Xiang (#01-21) that is always sold out before lunch time. Other Halal favorites are the Mami Midah Briyani (#01-17) Chicken Briyani ($7) and the 20-year old S.J. Sickander Ammal Muslim Foods for their satisfying Mee Goreng.

Address: 4A Eunos Crescent, Singapore 402004

Hours: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM Daily

There seems to be no shortage of fun things to do around Eunos. From food to entertainment, everything is pretty much accessible. Even when your finances get caught in a bump, you can always rely on a trustworthy Money Lender Near Eunos, like Bugis Credit. With the same-day loan approval and easy to fulfill requirements, you can fund your obligations fast, and with peace of mind. Get your free loan quote today!

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