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11 Cheap Engagement Rings in Singapore Under $1,000

cheap engagement ring Singapore

Used to be we prioritised big, quality diamonds and precious gemstones to say that an engagement ring is worth it, but times change. There’s no shame in liking expensive jewellery, but these days, what counts is not going broke AFTER the wedding.

If you’ve got an understanding partner and are looking to propose, don’t worry–there are budget options for engagement rings that won’t make you break the bank. Let’s list them out in this article!

How Much Is “Cheap”?

Cheap is a term with relative meaning, often viewed with a negative perspective. But the fact is, cheap doesn’t mean something is bad. Opting for affordable prices especially in the case of getting an engagement ring is a reasonable move, and for some, a proposal will already mean the world.

The price range for engagement rings in Singapore go from S$700 to whopping six-digit amounts, but common prices settle between S$1,000 to S$2,000. A good margin for “cheap” would be prices that don’t exceed S$1,000.

Where to Buy Affordable Engagement Rings With a Budget Below S$1,000

From household bridal jewellery boutiques to online jewellers, here are some shops in Singapore that have competitive prices on their engagement rings for you to choose from:

  1. Love & Co.
  2. Venus Tears
  3. Rio
  4. Fonder Diamond
  5. LeCaine Gems
  6. Tiara
  7. Lucy & Miu
  8. Ling Jewellery
  9. Carat55
  10. Orro
  11. Pandora
Love & Co

1. Love & Co.

Love & Co. rings have internationally-certified diamonds by the De Beers Group’s Institute of Diamonds (IOD). They are a company under the Soo Kee Jewellery group, with unique designs, some even playful on the cheaper end, with an extensive range of prices and options.

Recommended Ring: LVC Classique Diamond Tension in Rose Gold for $799
Other rings range in prices: S$250 to over S$5,000
Contact: +65 6509 8633 | +65 6835 7533 or through their website and social media
Website: https://www.love-and-co.com/diamond/

Venus Tears

2. Venus Tears

Venus Tears boasts world-renowned Japan quality on their engagement ring and wedding band catalogue. You’d expect this luxurious reputation to belie expensive costs, but you can rest assured that the lovely featured collection from Venus Tears has a modest price range of S$599 to S$1,199. The Disney princess rings from Venus Tears are something you should check out!


Recommended Ring: Featured Collection FW15-02 for S$999
Range of Prices: S$499 to over S$6,000
Contact: +65 8553 8363 on WhatsApp or social media
Website: https://venus-tears.sg/


3. Rio

As a modern jeweller, Rio understands that quality ring designs can and SHOULD come at affordable prices. The well-known jeweller maintains its standards through in-house tools and their collaboration with master diamond cutters that create the marvellous crafted works.


Recommended Ring: Halle Diamond Engagement Ring Casing 18K White Gold / Platinum for S$780
Range of Prices: S$700 to S$2,350
Contact: +65 9014 5988 or through their website and social media
Website: https://www.the-rio.com/

Fonder Diamond

4. Fonder Diamond

While customisation isn’t unique to Fonder Diamond, their website provides you with the option to estimate the price range on a desired customised piece. You can select the gemstone, be it an emerald or any other classic stone with your choice of carat weight! The purchasing experience is no doubt fonder and the search for a unique engagement ring is made easier through their website.


Recommended Ring: You can build your own depending on your budget!
Range of Prices:
S$449 to over S$50,000
Contact: +65 69910999 or through their website and social media
Website: https://www.fonderdiamond.sg/engagement.html

LeCaine Gems

5. LeCaine Gems

LeCaine Gems is a great go-to option in Singapore if you want to purchase luxurious jewellery at affordable prices! Their team has an affinity for gold, gemstones, and design, and each ring has a recognisable sparkle of creativity and beauty, all made with sustainability in mind!


Recommended Ring: Kay Round Moissanite 4 Prongs Gently Twisted Band for S$838
Range of Prices: S$738 to over S$3,888
Contact: +65 8363 3168 or through their website and social media
Website: https://lecaine.com/collections/rings


6. Tiara

Tiara is a premium jewellery store in Singapore that boasts an extensive collection of jewellery pieces. Their catalogue provides options for men and women, wedding bands, and daily rings that work well as a gift. Despite the shop’s premium nature, Tiara’s engagement rings are surprisingly really affordable, with its cheapest being S$75 that can come in silver, rose gold, or gold!


Recommended Ring: Luxe1898 for S$175
Range of Prices: S$75 to S$185
Contact: through their website
Website: https://www.tiara.com.sg/collections/luxe-engagement-rings

Lucy & Mui

7. Lucy & Mui

Lucy & Mui is a local label that creates a subtle brilliance for the woman-in-love. Its minimalistic rings are made from internationally-sourced 0.01 to 0.3-carat diamonds and 14 or 18k gold, rose gold, or white gold, and are locally created through a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology, creating an understated beauty that places it within international knowledge.


Recommended Ring: Darling Diamond Ring for S$483
Range of Prices: S$482 to over S$5,000
Contact: through their website and social media
Website: https://www.lucyandmui.com/collections/rings

Ling Jewellery

8. Ling Jewellery

An understated gem in the jewellery industry, the shop made a name for itself through its custom-made designs that do its diamonds and other stones justice. Each piece from their ring collection exudes a subtle sophistication that will no doubt be coveted by many women.


Recommended Ring: Available only through inquiry
Range of Prices:
Available only through inquiry
Contact: +65 6238 8712 or through their website and social media
Website: https://www.lingjewellery.com.sg/


9. Carat55

Carat55 rings come with distinct designs that exude a sure sign of luxury. Their ring selection comes in a variety of gem options, carat weights, cuts, all handled by a team of experts with their attentive service and craftsmanship.  


Recommended Ring: Floral Love for S$980
Range of Prices: S$620 to over S$3,150
Contact: +65 6235 1155 or through their website and social media
Website: https://www.carat55.com/collections/engagement-rings


10. Orro

Orro’s diamond engagement rings have a staggering beauty about them. While the diamond cuts and designs are no slouch, their speciality lies in the bands–the platinum vermeil and 1k gold selections serve as perfect places to set diamonds of varying carat weights, and the different combinations create eye-catching effects. Customers will be even more dazzled so see their price range!


Recommended Ring: Orro Classic Knife Edge Solitaire Ring for S$190
Range of Prices: S$159 to over S$3,650
Contact: +65 8332 2940 or through their website and social media
Website: https://orro.com/


11. Pandora

If you’re in the market for affordable diamonds in Singapore, then there might be no better option than Pandora. It has a competitive range of prices with unique ring designs, and despite its affordable nature, they are no slouch in the Singapore jewellery scene.


Recommended Ring: Princess Wishbone Ring for S$129
Range of Prices: S$69 to over S$279
Contact: through their website
Website: https://sg.pandora.net/en/jewellery/rings

Tips When Buying Your Very Own Engagement Ring

1. Know your partner’s ring size

Before you get your partner an engagement ring, the first and most important thing to find out is her ring size. You don’t want to be strangling her ring finger or having the diamond slip out because it’s too loose.

2. Know the 4 Cs

If you’re in the market for a diamond engagement ring you have to know the 4Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. The 4Cs are the global standard that is used to determine the quality of diamonds.

Having the information tucked in your pocket can help you differentiate a diamond from another so that your search doesn’t have to take an eternity.

The 4Cs are provided by the GIA, and are as follows:

  • Colour. D-to-Z diamond colour grades are used to rate the lack of colour in a diamond. Diamonds with less colour are rarer.
  • Cut. The quality of the cut determines how well the diamond releases its light.
  • Clarity. Diamond clarity refers to the lack of blemishes and inclusions in the diamond.
  • Carat Weight. Diamond carat weight determines the size of a diamond.

3. Pick a ring that suits her style

Remember: you’re buying a ring for your would-be spouse. An engagement ring is something that is meant to be worn every day throughout your engagement until your wedding and maybe even for life. Because of that, you have to make sure that the wearer likes it.

Put your preference aside and find out what she likes, either by asking her or finding a way to do it without removing the element of surprise.

4. Decide how much to spend

Last and probably the most important thing is to determine your spending budget. You don’t have to follow the diamond engagement ring myth of needing to save up to three months of your salary to afford one.

A simple rule of thumb is to learn the 4Cs. Some shops can even help provide selections of cuts and carat weights that will fit into your budget.

Affordable options for engagement rings and wedding bands:

If you’re looking for affordable ring options, then shops like Michael Trio and Harry Winston are probably scratched out of your options, along with many other jewellery shops in Singapore.

But don’t worry, you’ve got other options that give you good prices without giving you small diamonds or measly carat weights.

Online stores like those listed above, Venus Tears, Blue Nile, and others can provide options that are well below S$1,000. Etsy, being the foremost site for independent craftsmen, may provide great and unique options, but it goes without saying that the diamonds or gems won’t come with international certification.

The Bottom Line

  • Know your diamonds. Smart engagement ring customers know the 4Cs!
  • Shop around! The perfect ring might be in a shop somewhere, so be thorough when you’re browsing the different product catalogues.
  • “Cheap” is relative. You don’t have to limit yourself to S$1,000. If you find a ring that exceeds your budget, don’t lock it out.
  • Set a comfortable price range so you can maximize your options.

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