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5 Best Bukit Merah Food and Restaurants

bukit merah food

Bukit Merah is a modern Singaporean neighborhood situated in a convenient location as it’s close to the city center. Apart from this, it’s also known to be a place where foodies visit to try some of the best food around. Curious about what meals you can try out here? Check out this Bukit Merah food guide to find out. 

1. Chai Chuan Tou Yang Rou Tang

You can find a couple of  Michelin Bib Gourmand recipients in Bukit Merah, and one of them is Chai Chuan Tou Yang Your Tang. It’s all thanks to the delicious, flavorful dishes they serve here. One of the standout dishes that you need to try from this place is the mutton soup that they serve with rice. 

While not a lot of people like gamey meat, most people still love this place’s iteration of mutton soup since it’s not overly gamey. Apart from that, the meat is tender and easily falls apart. The soup is refillable too. Don’t miss out on trying the meals served at this place when you’re in the neighborhood. 

Address: 115 Bukit Merah View, #01-51, Singapore 151115

Hours: Daily except for Sunday and Monday, 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

2. Na Na Homemade Curry

A bowl of curry is always satisfying to have. One of the best Bukit Merah foods you need to try is the homemade curry served at Na Na. This place is another Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient, and it’s not surprising. They carry an array of curry dishes, all with pleasant flavors to satisfy this restaurant’s patrons. It’s well-loved by locals and visitors alike, so add this place’s meals to your must-try list. 

Address: 115 Bukit Merah View, 01-47, Singapore 151115

Hours: 11:30 AM – 7 PM (Mon – Sat), closed on Sun

3. Charcoal Grilled

Sometimes, you just crave for delicious, slightly charred satay, and you can find this at Charcoal Grilled. They serve pork and chicken satay at a reasonable price of only $0.50. If you want to try something more gamey, this place also has mutton satay. Satisfy your satay cravings with Charcoal Grilled delicious, flavorful satay. 

Address: 115 Bukit Merah View, #01-09, Singapore 151115

Hours: 5:30 PM – 9 PM daily

4. Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake

If you want to try out local specialties like the carrot cake, Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake is the stall to head over to. They serve chunky carrot cake pieces that have been fried to perfection – with a crispy exterior and a soft interior. Complementing its perfect texture is the right balance of sweet and savory, making anyone who tries it come back for more. 

Address: 115 Bukit Merah View, #01-37, Singapore 151115

Hours: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM (Tue, Thu, Sat – Sun), 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Mon, Wed, Fri)

5. Sisaket Thai Food 

Hungry for some authentic Thai cuisine? Make sure to check out Sisaket Thai Food. This establishment offers a variety of tasty, traditional Thai dishes that its patrons keep coming back for. Some of the food you need to try here include the Phad Thai and the seafood Tom Yam Soup. 

Address:  115 Bukit Merah View, #01-01, Singapore 151115

Hours: 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM (Fri – Wed), closed on Thu

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