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5 Cheap Bugis Massage Places To Relax and Unwind

bugis massage

A massage can release toxins, reduce stress and anxiety, decrease muscle tension and pain, and increase mental alertness. It’s one of the best ways to unwind during the weekend and get those happy endorphins going. Here are the top affordable places in Bugis to get an affordable massage to release stress and anxiety, increase mental alertness, and reduce pain.

1. Amore Define (S $40 – S $50)

Amore Define is a Ladies’ exclusive club that offers gym and fitness services, dance classes, and amazing massage services ranging from aromatic Swedish massages to Botaroma Swedish body massage that costs about S $40-S $50 per hour. However, the payoff is amazing and relaxing because of their professional masseurs and excellent ambiance.

Address: 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188024

Hours: 10:30AM–9:30PM daily

2. E-Wellness Spa (S $50 – S $80)

E-Wellness Spa goes straight to the point: they only offer full-body traditional massages that cost around S $50 – S $80 if you prefer to do it for 45 minutes up to 90 minutes. In addition to their traditional services, E-Wellness Spa’s therapists offer their customers Kidney Care or Uterus and Ovary Care. Aromatherapy massages can cost upwards from S $100, but they’re worth the investment to achieve the relaxation level you need.

Address: 520 North Bridge Rd, #02-01 Wisma Alsagoff, Singapore 188742

Hours: 9AM–10:30PM daily

3. Imperial Apple Spa (S $60 – S $180)

Excellent massages are worth their price. While many on this list offer satisfying results for their services, none come close to the price and value that you can get from Imperial Apple Spa at The Luxe near Bugis. Swedish Imperial Therapy is your traditional Swedish massage combined with traditional Singaporean touches. You can also expect the same traditional touch on Imperial’s Reflex Therapy and Royal Hot Stone Therapy. Massages cost S $60 for 45 minutes and higher as the hours add, but the price and results speak for themselves.

Address: 6 Handy Rd, #01-01 The Luxe, Singapore 229234

Hours: 10AM–2AM daily

4. Syoujin (S $50 – S $150)

Syoujin is a wellness center that focuses on Japanese massaging, spa, and relaxation sensibilities. You can expect some great foot reflexology, aromatherapy massage, and Meridian herb massage from this spa and wellness center. Their full body massage goes above S $70 for 45 minutes and higher, but you can feel the deep tissue penetration from their gentle, broad body strokes in no time.

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #03-27, Singapore 238839

Hours: 10AM–9PM daily

5. Healing Thai Massage (S $55 – S $180)

Thai massage is one of the most popular forms of massage in the world. It relieves stress and tension by applying pressure on the body’s energy lines, or sen lines. This form of massage also helps to improve blood circulation, promote relaxation and relieve muscle aches. Healing Thai Massage offers one of the best Thai massages in Bugis, but it costs S $55 for 30-45 minutes, a little pricey for some. However, their Shiatsu, Thai Traditional, and signature Thai Oil Massage are highly remarkable and penetrate the deepest pains in your body.

Address: 39 Jln Besar, Singapore 208802

Hours: 10AM–10:30PM daily


Excellent and relaxing massages in Bugis are easy to find, even if you’re on a budget. Let your therapists and massage centers know your great feeling after their spa massages by leaving positive reviews.

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