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Top 5 Restaurants to Eat The Best Food Near Aljunied

Aljunied MRT Station

Singapore is a fast-paced city with plenty of sights to explore. It is also a food lover’s dream. And one of the best places to find food gems is Aljunied. With plenty of restaurants, cafes, and food stalls everywhere-you will never go hungry here. So if you’re on the hunt for delectable delicacies, here are the top 5 restaurants that serve the best Aljunied food.

  1. Penang Seafood Restaurant

If you’re craving Penang food, check out Penang Seafood Restaurant. Found at a corner of Sims Avenue, this zi char restaurant serves a plethora of dishes. What makes this restaurant unique is its Penang hawker prices. For instance, you can get a delicious Penang Fried Kway Teow at around $5 only.

Address: 32 Aljunied Rd, Singapore 389817

Business Hours: 11 am to 12 am every day

  1. An La Ghien

In the mood for barbeque and hotpot? An La Ghien is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves hotpot and barbeque platters at $34.90. Each platter is perfect for groups of two or three. They also serve ala carte dishes such as Duck Noodles with Bamboo Shoots and Minced Pork Lolot Noodles. So the next time you’re around the area, definitely check out this Aljunied food gem.

Address: 45 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388177

Business Hours: 8 am to 11 pm every day

The Ranch Café

  1. The Ranch Café

Looking for Western food? You’ll find it at The Ranch Café. Found near Aljunied MRT Station, this café offers delectable culinary experiences to its guests. If you want to experiment and explore diverse cultures and cuisines, then the Ranch Café may be for you. They also serve classic dishes like Grilled Dory Fish and Ranch Aglio Olio.

Address: 71/73 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388191

Business Hours: 11:30 am to 10:30 pm every day

  1. Eastern House of Seafood

Craving for home-style wok-fried dishes? To satiate your never-ending cravings, check out the Eastern House of Seafood and their extensive menu. It’s definitely a must-visit if you’re looking for quality zi char at affordable prices. We recommend trying the crowd favorite Fried Hokkien Mee. This dish used to be sold only during non-peak hours, but now, it’s available all day every day!

Address: 46 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388375

Business Hours: 11:30 am to 10:30 pm every day

  1. 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi

Garnering a cult following, the 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi is the perfect choice when you’re craving affordable delicious dim sum. They serve delicious traditional Chinese food like Siew Mai, Har Kow, and Century Egg & Minced Pork Porridge. They accept NETS and credit card payments, perfect for when you don’t have enough cash.

Address: 126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449

Business Hours: Open 24 hours

With restaurants specializing in different cuisines, you’ll surely find a place that will satisfy your taste buds. So hit up these Aljunied food places for your next weekly dinners!

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